Unleashing Readers Guest Post

The wonderful Unleashing Readers blog let me write a guest post for them. It was put up today! Check it out at the link below and read all their great articles and reviews as well.  It’s a site full of good and interesting information and book stuffs.

Unleashing Readers

That toward which I write.

I know that title doesn’t make much sense. I was trying for something pun-ny up there. It still kind of amuses me and if I can’t amuse myself…  Anyway, I live in North Carolina, I grew up in NC, and I generally reach towards my laptop or walk towards the car. But I could also reach toward (no ‘s’) my laptop or walk toward my car.  The second way sounds odd to my ears so I go towards things. I was shocked to learn in copy editing that both are correct, and the one used at Harper is ‘toward’.  So henceforth my characters will go toward.