Books and Bears!

I visited The Fountainhead Bookstore in Hendersonville, NC recently – a cool bookstore in a great town – for the bookstore’s Bookapalooza event. I got distracted by books and fun stuff inside the store and forgot to take pictures, but I got nice shot out front the next day.


Then I had to go get pictures of many of the Hendersonville Bears. For instance, there was the ice cream bear in front of the Kilwin’s chocolate shop:


And there was the baseball bear in front of the bar/grill. I didn’t eat there this time, but there is always next time.


I used instagram to combine some photos of the main street. Like many thing, I’m still figuring instagram out. But look at the shops and the bears! My mom and I are in a few of these too. Mainly posing beside artsy bears.


All and all, I great visit to a great town!

Hi panda

And Goodbye for now!

New Year, Good Cheer, No Fear

It’s January 7th – a cold day in 2015 – and it’s a good time to think about yearly goals. My website looks much better than it did at the beginning of last year. It didn’t exist then. However, it looks better than it did three months ago, too, so that’s a bit more impressive. It’s still got a ways to go! Over the next few months, I’d like to make some posts about all the great books I’ve been reading. I’ll probably do that. And I’d like to have more of a theme to website than random stuff. Hmm. Here are ten related and non-related goals for 2015:

1. Post something once a week. (Disclaimer: As of this time, I make no quality promises. This is a quantity only resolution.)

2. Read a book at least every two weeks and post/write about it. Make sure to include many diverse books and authors.

3. Write book three. (This one needs to be checked off by summer.)

4. Finish untitled WIP one and two. And give them titles!

5. Keep up with the Couch to 5K. As of this post, I can run for 25 minutes straight as long as I go slow and jog on a level surface.

6. Stop searching on the internet for news about my debut book.  Sometimes I find good things, and sometimes I don’t, but it’s a positive feedback loop. Once I start I can’t stop, and no good comes from that.

7. Take a picture of the book and post it all over when I get the hard copies in the mail!

8. Figure out how not to write ‘arthur’ when I want to write ‘author’ and vice versa.  There can be no more incidents of “A CONNECTICUT YANKEE IN KING AUTHOR’S COURT” nor any more “I am a MG arthur.”

9. Learn how to make and use GIFs.

10. Eat healthier, work out more, and get into better shape.  Maybe even cut back on the diet sodas.

Ten goals should do it for now. And this counts as a start for goal number one, so yay!!!