Written in verse, this story is heart-wrenching and beautiful. It’s about New York City, the 1990s, and HIV. More so, though, it’s about finding out who you are, who your true family and friends are, and the struggles that make us turn to the stars.

SKYSCRAPING by Cordelia Jensen




First, the cover of this book is gorgeous. The story is really interesting. It’s sort of a cross between BIG LOVE and FIRESalvageFLY. I liked reading about the journey of a girl who escapes a super oppressive culture and becomes her own person. She has such a distinctive voice. The way it happened felt believable to me, and she didn’t immediately break free from her upbringing. Also, the story unfolds on an interesting and futuristic earth which I found highly entertaining.

SALVAGE by Alexandra Duncan

My favorite part of this book is when the mc tells the story of how a woman sang too loud on the spaceship and alerted other spaceships to their presence and in reply another character told her it was hogwash. Sound doesn’t carry in space.