Enter the Fearless Fifteeners Halfway Giveaway. Thirty-three debut novels up for grabs. This is a cool contest.

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2015 YA & MG Debut Authors

We’re halfway through our collective 2015 debut year, so it’s time for the FEARLESS FIFTEENERS HALFWAY GIVEAWAY!

You have the chance to win one of 33 novels that released January through July. The giveaway opens today and closes July 27. We will ship to addresses in the United States and Canada. On July 27, we will pull 33 winners–one per book until all books are given away.

To enter, all you have to do is click on the link at the bottom of this post, which will take you to Rafflecopter, and click on “Free entry.” For optional additional entries, you can submit a free entry each day during the giveaway. You can also follow any of the authors on Twitter whose name is click-able below. Here’s a look at the titles:


Here’s a list of the individual authors and titles. If you click on the title…

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Middle-grade March (and a bit of April) Madness

Currently, there are a group of 30+ middle-grade authors giving away a book a day on twitter. All you have to do is retweet the author of the book of the day’s tweet to enter. It’s a cool thing. Here is a list of books available each day.  VILLAIN KEEPER is the last book of the giveaway on Friday, April 3rd.

Also, here is a dragon to share the excitement.

Fire Dragon


March Middle Grade Madness Giveaway Schedule

Sunday March 1st: Jess Keating: OUTRUN A CROC and OUTSWIM A SHARK

Monday March 2nd: Gayle Rosengren: WHAT THE MOON SAID

Tuesday March 3rd: Kerry Cerra: JUST A DROP OF WATER

Wednesday March 4th: Laura Fitzgerald: UNDER THE EGG

Thursday March 5th: MarcyKate Connolly: MONSTROUS

Friday March 6th: Rachel Searles: THE LOST PLANET and/or THE STOLEN MOON

Saturday March 7th: Edith Cohn: SPIRIT’S KEY

Sunday March 8th: Miriam Spitzer Franklin: EXTRAORDINARY

Monday March 9th: Alison DeCamp: MY NEAR DEATH ADVENTURES

Tuesday March 10th: Dana Alison Levy: FAMILY FLETCHER

Wednesday March 11th: Jen Malone and Gail Nall: YOU’RE INVITED

Thursday March 12th: Adriana Schanen: QUINNY & HOPPER

Friday March 13th: Lauren Magaziner: THE ONLY THING WORSE THAN WITCHES

Saturday March 14th: Isaiah Campbell: TROUBLES OF JOHNNY CANON


Monday March 16th: Tara Dairman: ALL FOUR STARS and STARS OF SUMMER

Tuesday March 17th: Paul Durham: LUCK UGLIES

Wednesday March 18th: Louise Galveston: IN TODD WE TRUST

Thursday March 19th: Jen Downey: NINJA LIBRARIANS

Friday March 20th: Robin Herrera: HOPE IS A FERRIS WHEEL

Saturday March 21st: Jennifer Torres: THE BRINY DEEP MYSTERIES

Sunday March 22nd: Varsha Bajaj: ABBY SPENCER GOES TO BOLLYWOOD

Monday March 23rd: Holly Grant: THE LEAGUE OF BEASTLY DREADFULS

Tuesday March 24th: Matt London: THE 8TH CONTINENT

Wednesday March 25th: Rebecca Behrens: WHEN AUDREY MET ALICE

Thursday March 26th: Sheila Grau: DR. CRITCHLORE’S SCHOOL FOR MINIONS

Friday March 27th: Kate Hannigan: THE DETECTIVE’S ASSISTANT

Saturday March 28th: Andrew Harwell: THE SPIDER RING

Sunday March 29th: Lisa Scott: SCHOOL OF CHARM

Monday March 30th: Heidi Schulz: HOOK’S REVENGE

Tuesday March 31st: Erin Entrada Kelly: BLACKBIRD FLY


Thursday April 2nd: Matt Myklusch: SEABORNE: THE LOST PRINCE

Friday April 3rd: Laurie Lyn: VILLAIN KEEPER